SIRENE - Final Sale

I am selling the last remaining SIRENE kits at cost and including shipping into the total.
See below for a rate which applies to your location.

  • USA: $399
  • Canada: $415
  • World-wide: $435

    Payment (Paypal): futch@iname.com

    Contact futch@iname.com with questions.

    Thank you to everyone who supported this project.
  • 02-Feb-2018
    Hey Gang!

    There are 15 kits remaining from this first and final release (35 total). This is your *last chance* to own and build an officially licensed 1/20th SIRENE at a great price. A kit of this size and quality would normally retail for $650 or more. At $440 it's a steal. There are no plans for a re-release so I would like to thank everyone who has supported this project and Maschinen Krieger.


    PS: If you're on the fence, this is what people are saying about the kit;

    ›› "one of the best Ma.K kits produced to date. The level of research, attention to detail, great production, the Sirene kit takes it to another level."

    ›› "up there quality wise and hangs with kits produced by HexaModels, Love Love Garden, Rainbow Egg..."

    ›› "stunned by the quality of the castings, the crisp details and how easy a kit this size looks to assemble..."

    ›› "Strongly recommend you get one of these iconic Kow designs."

    50% of the kits have gone. This is a limited release so contact me soon if you're interested or need more information.

    Click anywhere above to see the full kit.

    The early-bird Sirene offer is no longer available.
    Sirene Instructions Completed
    A lot of fun and a lot of hours went into drawing these up (click to see the full sheet). Printable versions can be found on the Sirene's page here...

    It's been a long time since I worked full time on these kits ...real life getting in the way of modelling mojo.

    Im happy to announce that the SIRENE pattern is finished!!! There is a ways to go, such as ordering multimedia materials in bulk however, I hope to have an official announcement soon!!