Sandstalkers, 15k

Sdh.222f (15k)

Sdh.222f Sandstalker
Chassis Number:3,001 - 3,839
Weight:4.9 tons
Length:5.1 m
Width:2.05 m
Height:2.03 m
Speed:120 kph
Range:1,100 km
Primary Armament:2.3 cm gun
4 cm Pgr.40 laser (August 2884)
Secondary Armament:7.92 mm MG58 machine gun
Armour:8-30 mm tungsten
15 mm armoured resin

Sdh.232m (15k)

Sdh.232m Sandstalker
Chassis Number:2,003 - 4,229
Weight:8.7 tons
Length:6.25 m
Width:2.5 m
Height:2.35 m
Speed:85 kph
Range:1,100 km
Primary Armament:2.3 cm gun
4 cm Pgr.40 laser (August 2884)
Secondary Armament:7.92 mm MG58 machine gun
Armour:8-50 mm tungsten
15 mm armoured resin

Image copyright by Kow Yokoyama.

The Sandstalkers are a mass produced hover scout car. Only lightly armed, they are intended to find and report on an enemies movements and harass, not engage in a straight up fight. They were developed during the final phases of an off-Earth conflict, and afterwards, they were sold off to developing worlds and colonists as a surplus weapon, or simply scrapped. However, many were sold off in the black market to all sorts of customers.

Their performance was relatively mediocre, but they were easily handled and their maintenance was simply and straightforward. They could also act in any unfavourable terrain, which made them a favourite of troops, and despite their obsolete status, many units of Sdh.222f and Sdh.232m Sandstalkers were found in the TOE of mechanised troops in 2882, including those that came to Earth.

They were used extensively in the North African deserts and imitated the units of the British SAS during the Second World War, performing long-range patrols and strikes on rear area enemy camps. Because of these sudden attacks, they were christened Sandstalkers.
The Sandstalkers had always suffered from a light armament, and in the August of 2884, the Australian Mercenary forces started converting their Sandstalkers by replacing the 2.3 cm gun with a higher-powered 4 cm Pgr.40 infrared laser. With this done, their continued existence in the Mercenary forces was assured.

With the emergence of the SDR PKA H Heinrich suits, enemy units again outclassed the Sandstalkers, and this time they were permanently reassigned to rear area patrol duties only.

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